Dear Sir or madam, 11/8/2014 I am writing to ask you and/or your organization for support.
I am a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who has experienced significant symptom relief with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) and it has changed the quality of my life. I was in a car accident in 2002 where I received a moderate to severe head injury. Since that time I have been disabled and cannot work. My health continued to decline significantly after my injury and I was soon diagnosed with debilitating PTSD and depression. Even after many types of therapies I was left with no choice but to suffer through most days with symptoms from my injuries.
I was recently part of a study through the National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation (NBIRR), and received 80 treatments of HBOT. This therapy has greatly increased my quality of life. I am hoping to be able to earn an income again. My physicians agree and recently approved my desire to begin searching for part time employment. You can read more about my story at This treatment has forever changed my life for the better. Since then I have become aware of the incredible need of others in our state with similar diagnosis. I would like to see anyone suffering with TBI and PTSD have the opportunity to receive the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment themselves. Jeff, my partner in this endeavor has witnessed many patients gain relief in his vocation as an RT,CHWS at a local HBOT clinic. Many others I have watched go through the treatment have experienced the same life changing results.
Recently the State of Oklahoma passed a bill resolving this need.
SB 1604, The Oklahoma Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Act of 2014, authored by Senator Mark Allen and Representative John Bennett, was signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin. The bill goes into effect November 1, 2014.
The first of its kind in the country, the bill states that any Oklahoma veteran who has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and prescribed hyperbaric Oxygen treatment (HBOT) by an authorized medical professional may receive HBOT at any facility in the state that has a hyperbaric chamber.
-Oklahoma State Senate, Communications Division, State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
The states of Texas, New York, and Indiana are currently legislating on similar bills. Idaho can also be a pioneer by following suit for our own residents. This bill would be vitally important to the well-being of many families and individuals in the state. The societal need is great and the burden our state carries for untreated TBI and PTSD survivors is heavy. Medical research has been completed and now it is up to you and me to see that our fellow citizens receive the beneficial treatment they need.
2.5 million people in the United States sustain a TBI every year. 50,000 of these people die, and the others are left trying to survive. In Idaho alone, 32,000 people are living with a mild TBI. The cost of therapies associated, happens to be one of the most expensive treatments out there with costs of treating a mild TBI averaging $85,000 and severe TBI averaging $2 million per survivor. This bill would relieve a very large economic burden for survivors and their families. HBOT is currently not covered by insurance for TBI and PTSD. This legislation will improve the health and economic position within the state of Idaho. The cost of treating survivors with medication is costly and non- effective. HBOT has been shown to treat and relieve symptoms of TBI and PTSD effectively at a much lower cost than protocol now.
Jeff and I are asking you for your support, help, advice, or in any way you as an individual/organization could give us. We are also looking for letters of support for Idaho State Representatives, Senators and Congress. We are prepared to educate you on the effects of HBOT on TBI and PTSD if needed.
Please consider supporting us in this endeavor. We look forward to meeting you and joining forces in hopes of helping Idaho Veterans and civilians alike, which are living with this debilitating injury. Our goal in this, is to offer a safe, effective treatment to these people, while at the same time relieve some of the financial burden the families and the state suffer.
Thank you for taking your time in helping us raise awareness and introducing legislation for a Traumatic Brain injury Treatment Act. When it passes, Idaho will join the majority of States that have, or are considering, some form of TBI, PTSD legislation.
--Diane Davidson TBI survivor and Advocate 208-670-3134 645 Greenbrier Dr. Heyburn, Idaho 83336
--Jeff Ellis, RT CHWS 208-881-3722 1539 Canyon Ave, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402