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September 01 2018: 

Partnership Announced with Northwest Medical Edge Research Foundation
We will be announcing new studies in research, treatments, educational events, and other patient and consumer resources through this and our partnership site. The above link will take you to the homepage that has all the information about the nonprofit foundation.

October 13 2014: 

Brain Injury Similarities in Troops, Football Players, and others Spark Collaboration.

October 10 2014: 

Texas HBOT Bill

Concerning making Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy available to Texas Veterans, this is a day of very encouraging activity.
As of this morning, Monday, November 10, 2014, HB175 was introduced in the Texas House of Representatives by Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt. The Text of this is attached. As I understand it, the next step is for it to be assigned to a Committee. I have no timetable for this at this time. I’m also working with Rep. Kleinschmidt to get it introduced (effectively simultaneously) in the Texas Senate. I do not have a name yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as this happens.
As I’m sure you know, once a Bill is introduced, it will likely get assigned to a House Committee. I have no idea which that will be but I would image it will go to either the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee and/or the Human Services Committee.
In either or both cases, I suspect there will be Committee Hearings and Testimony. I would hope that you and your State Senators and/or Representatives will give this Bill their Support. I’ll try to keep you updated as this takes place.
At any rate, the first step in the Legislative process has taken place. Now begins the long Marathon to get it to the Governor and signed.
Your help and that of your Court and State Representatives and Senators will be vital.

Rainey Owen
Grandfather of a Restored from TBI Veteran

Fall 2014: 

Pocatello Hyperbaric Oxygen Testimonials

October 8 2014: 

Oklahoma Steps on TBI and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

 Sample Representative Letter (pdf format)

September 10 2014: 

HBOT for TBI Video
Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Damage video. Chuck Rotenberry, gunnery sergeant, can talk about the virtues of others, both man and dog, at length.

August 10 2014: 

Texas Resolution for HBOT Treatment
States are getting behind HBOT treatments as a way to help with PTSD and TBI. Read the resolution at the above link.

August 07, 2014: 

Patriot Clinic for HBOT Treatments
On Monday we understand, an elderly man went to a bank with a Christmas paper bag, which we have, and a hand written note. There was cash in the bag. The note read:
An anonymous donation of $25,000.00 for the Patriot Clinic for the treatment of P.T.S.D.
I find it unacceptable that a cure is available - yet not available because of shortage of funds.
We the people have to step up.
We all know war is hell
But coming home should not be

Sincerely an anonymous old Veteran

The Bank would not take the money. They sent him to the Newspaper. The News Paper called the VFW. The VFW gave the donation to the Hugs Project on the Patriot Clinic’s behalf.
The man has made it possible for us to pay on our oxygen bill, our lease payment and a down payment on our chamber. We will be open for a few more months.
We have done 3,200 treatments since January 15th in a 2 person multiplace. We now have 13 people who have volunteered at the clinic to do everything from treatments to laundry to the scheduling and medical records, to helping us to provide computerized cognitive rehabilitation. Even our physician is a volunteer.
We will have the bag and the hand written note at HBOT2014. There have been a lot of small donations that have come in that have helped. Many prayers have been said and it is clear they are being answered. Momentum is increasing. Thank you all for your contributions to the work we are seeing begin to role across this nation.
Bill Duncan

William A. Duncan, Ph.D.
Patriot Clinics, Inc., President
2328 S. Harvey Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 74852

August 06, 2014: 

Time Now Troop - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Vets - PTSD Vets Video

October 30, 2013: 

The battle doesn't always end when troops come home

October 18, 2013: 

President of IHMF Respond to Study by the DoD on HBOT in TBI/PTSD

October 17, 2013: 

Vets Recering from Traumatic Brain Injuries


Guest article:

sampleWe will soon be presenting documents from our physicians and others in the industry about the benefits of our Hyperbaric treatments and our wound care operations.